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BirdNet: Mesh material designed solely for deterring birds from accessing structures or areas, commonly utilized in urban environments and architectural settings.

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Welcome to BirdNetting Services, where we specialize in providing top-tier, eco-friendly bird control solutions. With a foundation laid in 2016 our dedicated team combines extensive expertise in bird behavior with cutting-edge techniques to offer effective and humane solutions for homes, businesses, and agricultural spaces.

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Specialized Solutions:

We specialize in providing small-scale, tailored bird netting solutions, ensuring effective bird deterrence for various structures and spaces.


Our bird netting products are highly customizable, allowing for precise fitting and seamless integration into small areas, such as balconies, gardens, and rooftops

Reliable Protection

With our small-scale bird netting solutions, customers can rely on effective protection against bird intrusion without compromising the aesthetic or functionality of their spaces.


SafetyNet Installations specializes in delivering comprehensive safety net services for diverse settings, including construction sites and residential buildings. Our offerings encompass the meticulous installation of advanced safety nets, ensuring a secure environment and accident prevention.

Bird Netting Service

Protect your property from bird infestations and nesting with our professional bird netting service. Our durable and expertly installed nets serve as a barrier, preventing birds from accessing unwanted areas without causing harm to them.

Bird Spike Service

Safeguard your property with our bird spike installation. These non-harmful spikes are strategically placed to deter birds from perching or roosting on ledges, rooftops, or other areas, effectively discouraging them from landing without causing harm.

Balcony Net Installation

Enjoy your balcony space without worrying about bird intrusion or safety hazards. Our balcony net installations are tailored to fit seamlessly, ensuring a secure and pleasant environment for relaxation or entertainment.

Safety Net Installation

We provide safety net installations designed to prevent accidents and ensure a secure environment Our installations are meticulously crafted to offer a tailored approach, addressing the unique safety requirements of each setting.

Our Gallery

Welcome to our Gallery, a visual journey showcasing the excellence and precision of SafetyNet Installations. Explore a collection of images capturing our expertly installed safety nets in diverse environments, from bustling construction sites to meticulously safeguarded residential spaces.

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SuperBird Netting saved our urban rooftop oasis, keeping birds away seamlessly and preserving our tranquility.

SuperBird Netting transformed our urban environment by effectively keeping birds away from our buildings and public spaces. It's discreet and highly efficient, ensuring our cityscape remains pristine.


As a property manager in a bustling urban area, finding a solution to prevent birds from roosting on our buildings was a challenge. SuperBird Netting provided the perfect answer – it's unobtrusive yet incredibly effective


Our urban garden suffered from constant bird damage until we installed SuperBird Netting. Now, our plants thrive without interference, enhancing the beauty of our community space



Contact us today to discover how SuperBird Netting can transform your space, providing effective bird control solutions tailored to your needs


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